May 20, 2016

Utah County Temple Tour

Today Mom and Erika and I traveled to Payson the LONG way......... and we went to the Payson temple and did initiatory work.  I looked for Matt Hone's mom to introduce myself and say hi, but her shift had ended.  I think the temple was so pretty.  It reminded me of an Arabic building out of Alladin.  It almost had a pink tone to it.  The stained glass windows were beautiful. 

We then grabbed us some lunch at Zupas, and made it to the Provo City Center temple in time for the 1pm session.  What a beautiful restoration has taken place in that building!  We parked underneath, and entered the main doors (which are on the basement level).  The ordinance rooms we started in were covered in the most beautiful nature murals, and when we moved to the second ordinance room on the level above us, we climbed the winding narrows stairs in one of the corner turrets!  The celestial room was gorgeous as was to be expected.

We saw Roger and Karen Bigler who used to live in Morgan, and also Marianne Merz, the wife of Michael Merz, who is mom's first cousin.  It was a great day to be in the temple with my mom and sister. 

I love the temple.  My next date is to attend the Vernal Temple in June when I go to the Assessor's Summer Workshop. 

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