April 15, 2016

Planning for it

At our last ward conference, Stake President Joey Skinner said to always have a date planned, for the next time you will be going to the temple.  I knew I would be down in Ogden on Friday for UAC meetings, so I planned on going afterwards to the Ogden Temple.  When I arrived there about 11am, it was PACKED.  I could barely find a parking space.  As I was walking in from the Washington Boulevard side, there was a bridal party that was just finishing up with pictures, and the FLOWERS!!  Oh my, beautiful, smelled so nice.  Spring is beautiful. 

I was able to make the 12 noon session, and our old Stake President councilor, Brother Bohman was officiating in the chapel.  I also saw Kathy Collins, and Byron Porter and his wife and daughter, and low and behold, my visiting teacher, Heidi Eggett and her husband Roger were in the same session, and I was able to sit next to her.

It was a wonderful day in the temple. My next plan is to go down the Provo City Center Temple with Mom.

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