January 21, 2017

To the Temple with LuAnn

Grandma Ben (LuAnn) wanted to get as many of the family together as possible, and all of us go to the temple.  It was a great afternoon, and a special time to be together.  Kerry, Joni, Landon, Kacey, Chans, Tausha, LuAnn, Hunter, and Eric (and myself - not pictured) were able to go.  Keysto and Kaley were stuck in traffic in the canyon, and didn't make the 3pm session.

Some of the people I knew and saw there that afternoon were, Kraig and Debra Walker, George and Margaret Hopkin, and Mr. Russell (Don Russell) - my 6th grade school teacher, and Jan Gailey.  I hope to be able to work in the temple one day.  

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