March 17, 2016

Wonderful afternoon in the Salt Lake Temple

I was in meeting in SLC most of the day, but had decided that I was going to go to the Salt Lake Temple when I finished.  Last week we had Ward Conference, and it was very inspiring, and helped me and buoyed me up.  One of the things that I am determined to do, is to always have a "date" set when I will go to the temple NEXT.  So right after that meeting on Sunday, I made the decision to go the the Salt Lake Temple on Thursday after my meetings.  My NEXT date to go to the temple in on April 1st, when I will be in Orlando Florida with Mom and Erika, and will attend the temple there.

I loved my experience at the Salt Lake Temple today.  After the session in the Celestial Room, I was able to sit for about 30 minutes, and since I was so close to finishing the Book of Mormon, I did so, right there in the Celestial Room.  That was a special experience to read Moroni's promise there.  To have faith that all will be well, everything will work out, I'm on the right course, and will endure to the end.  

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