March 06, 2013

Ward Temple Night

I drove down with my mother-in-law, LuAnn, and neighbor, Sharlene Olsen last night to the Bountiful Temple.  It was great to be there with many of our ward members.  Some who went were, Bishop and Terrie Stephens, Dave and Michelle Manning, Roger and Heidi Eggett, Clif and Virginia Burwell, Mark and Lauri Robinson, Chris and Kim Mikesell, Rodney and Vicki Rose, Brandyn and Amanda Thackeray, Richard and Susan Wiscombe, Mark and Sherrie Rich, Kurt and Angie Bryant, Denise and Howard Hansen, and Matt and Jessie Frannich and Brett Earl.  There may have been others, but those are who I can remember.  The Temple President and his wife spoke to us before the Endowment.  It was a very nice evening.

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