August 26, 2012

FIVE Temples in Two Weeks

Kansas City Temple - July 2, 2012
We were there on a Monday and it was closed, but we were able to walk around the grounds and take pics.  It is not very far from the Liberty Jail.
We visited the Kirtland Temple, which is not owned by our church now.  This is a picture of a painting, showing the building of the temple back in the 1830's.

Here is the temple today - July 2012.  We were able to tour it for the cost of $3.00.  I was glad to go there, but sorry to see that the upkeep is not what I hoped it would be.  

Wonderful Nauvoo Temple - we enjoyed an endowment session, and were able to meet Sister Memmott, wife of President Memmott who used to live in Morgan, and who sealed our family together forever in the Ogden Temple on December 12, 1987.  It was SO SO hot in Nauvoo, and it was a great escape to be within the cooling walls of this temple.  

The sacred grove - picture taken by me on a beautiful early morning.   Later we attended the  Palmyra Temple, which is adjacent to the Grove.

The Palmyra Temple - see the window right in the middle?  It is clear, at the request of President Hinckley, so that you can look right out towards the Sacred Grove.  We attended an endowment session here.

Winter Quarter's Temple - again, we were here on a Monday and it was closed.  It is a beautiful temple, right next to the cemetery.  

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