December 01, 2011

Refuge in the Storm

Today was the day of the BIG windstorm in Davis County.   I had traveled to Salt Lake for meetings, and stopped here on the way home.  At first I was surprised, and thought because of all of the wind and power outages that the temple had closed.  There was NO parking on the upper level, but then I noticed the signs on the gates that said "Temple Open - Use Underground Parking".  I was so relieved !

The temple was pretty much deserted, as there was only partial power, and very few workers.  The power had gone out about 5am, and they had tried to run everything on the auxiliary power, but couldn't keep everything up and running.  A sweet sister was coming from Evanston Wyoming to receive her own endowment, and they were determined to keep it open, and have the 12:30 session, and then close for the day.

I decided to attend this session even though I was about 45 minutes early.  I read the Book of Mormon in the chapel, as I listened to the wind howling outside.  Even within the walls of the temple, the windstorm could be heard faintly from outside.  It was also kind of chilly, as the heat had been off for a few hours.  They were handing out white crocheted shawls for the women who wanted one.  Pretty soon, it was time for the session.

Imagine my surprise, as the woman from Evanston, Wyoming turned out to be about my age (only a couple of years older), AND she had grown up in Morgan and I knew her !!   I spoke to her afterwards in the Celestial Room, and told her how happy I was for her.  It was another great day of peace and safety within the walls of the temple.

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