November 05, 2011

A Day (and I mean A DAY )at the Temple(s)

Yesterday my mom and I met Theresa at the Park-n-Ride @ 9:30 am.  We traveled down to the  Oquirrh Mountain Temple, where Theresa and I were baptized for 20 women.  Mom was then confirmed for them.  Then we headed to the Jordon River Temple where we were going to complete initiatory work, but they had such a line up, and it was close to noon, so we headed downtown.  We ate lunch at The Garden restaurant, and then completed the initiatory and endowments for three of the twenty women in the Salt Lake Temple.  A special treat was to see Elder Fisher (my former Bishop) in the session !  Afterwards, we attended a sealing session, where we were able to participate in sealing families together forever.  Mom was able to do the work for the Berlin children, which was a special treat for her, and Theresa and I were able to complete the sealings of  twin sisters, Ruth and Rose to their parents.  It was a very special experience, one that we will remember forever.  We left the temple at 6pm and headed home.  It was a LONG WONDERFUL day at the temple(s).

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